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“Bringing out the best in people to influence positive change in the community!”

Jennifer Lever has a passion for helping families who have been touched with addiction, because her own family understands this struggle. She will help listeners recognized the subtle signs of addiction to offer recovery alternatives as she invites guests who are involved in local recovery efforts.

Taking Authority Over Addiction

Today on Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now, joined Lori to discuss Taking Authority Over Addiction. They started off talking about what Jen learned through her son’s recovery, and how a lot of us think we’re the only one dealing with challenges. They then talked about Jennette Straus’ book Going to The Courtrooms of […]

There is Hope with Camille Gaydos

Today on Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now was on assignment, and special guest Camille Gaydos joined Lori to discuss There is Hope Community Outreach. They started off talking about their recent Gala, to help Christian missions that are volunteer operated. Camille then told us about her background as a nurse, starting medical clinics, and […]

The Church’s Part in Recovery

Today on Recovery Now, Jen Lever from Recovery Now joined Lori to discuss the Church’s Role in Recovery. They started off telling us how some people say there are many ways to recovery, but the 80-90% faith-based recovery programs reveal something different. Jen told us about the recovery community’s progress since she started ten years […]