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Mindsets, Kingdom Influence and Destiny

On today’s Storm Chasing, Ron Moore from The Storm Warning, joined Lori to discuss mindsets, kingdom influence and destiny. They started off talking about the recent Charlottesville protest, the fear it promoted, and the importance of addressing mindsets and racism, especially in the church. He then told us horrific things can happen when evil people […]

Staying Safe During Protests or Riots

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard from Defensive Strategies, Joined Lori to discuss how to stay safe during a protest or riot. They started off talking about the recent Unite the Right protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. They highlighted the increasing tensions with extremist hate groups. Bob told us this was domestic terrorism. They also talked […]

How to Beat Discouragement in Recovery

On today’s recovery Now, Jen Lever joined Lori to discuss how to beat discouragement in recovery. They started off talking about  how to keep hope alive. Then Jen shared some insight from Graham Cooke, about viewing every challenge as an upgrade. She then told us about her journey of suffering in silence, and how people […]

Workplace and Employee Security

On today’s Personal Safety, Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies, joined Lori to discuss Workplace and Employee Security. They started off talking about Risk assessment at work, including corporations and mom and pop establishments. He told us some can have higher risks than others, and added how to involve employees in these risk assessments. Next, Bob […]